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Humility – (John 13:14) if I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you too ought to wash one another’s feet. – Humility in service gives a great value to the receiver. Image: The beautiful countryside of Eltolombaat village near Abu- Humos – Elbeherra – Egypt.


 The server must love who he serve, without love in the offer it will be has no value. So, gift has a greater value than if we brought, and the advice is stronger than information. Mother can make her baby alive because she loves him while adults die although they were among many people. Love – which is God Himself Who working in the believer – makes inappreciable forgiveness and offers love covers a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8). The lover hopes to bear any tired or sadness out off from he has love, also his love going him to be ready to die for his lovers. For this is the way God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16). With this lovewhich in us for humanity and for the God's vast kingdom around us we give and make supreme sacrifice – with no hesitates – for who we love from believers, who have readiness for faith and even for unbelievers. We love all of them because they have the hope to return to God – Who is source of love which we have and stretched from us to the whole world – to be as His glory feature.


Love doesn't harmony with egotism. Love is the humility from the lover to the beloved, and as God loves the world we became by the Holy Spirit – God's Spirit and His power within us – we became hearty lovers of the world as Him, and ready to sacrifice in order to make its salvation. Humility makes miracles, any perverse person who comes from unbelieving to believing indicate actually a miracle. It's from eternal death to eternal life in the completely blessed with God's kingdom. God has written down the turned believers' names that come from unbelieving to believing in the life's register at the beginning before the whole world had established. God knows the whole events which will happen in His kingdom and in His amazing creation, so He prepare the preacher for man who choice to turn to do what He has decided upon him. So, God gives us with – as Apostles – that deeply love for the humanity especially the damned people, because they are our concern during our lightning short period of life in the world.


Our humility in service included all people with also rebellious, even who persecuted us while we do preaching, who are people of the darkness kingdom that works by the evil against stretch of the God's kingdom on Earth. Jesus prays – while He is in the fire of the crucifixion – for who hanged Him on the cross and ask excuse to themBut Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing (Luck 23:34). However we persecuted for the sake of stretch World of God on Earth, we continually working with neither tighten nor hesitate, and God shack us from any of scorn or degradation, and He defend us and don’t leave us while we stretch His divine Word among the unbelievers. Yet not a hair of your head will perish (Luck 23:34). God has promise to protect and insure us in that world.


After faith, the believer's personality melts in the great God's presence which became into him. After faith the believer has no human personality which restricted according to the human laws that – scapegrace- try to increase the human abilities regardless the great power of the Holy Spirit which comes from God and working upon and by the believer – that is the source of making a great value of him. Is believer is equal to unbeliever?! Is it's equal that who works by power of God and who works by the human will?! That who works by his human will after its fell according to Adam's sin and his separation form God. Subsequently, inherits of Adam's proceeded generations. The believer has great stateliness due to his God's image in rightness and Holiness that he bears in this rough world. The suavity, love, supreme sacrifice and humility in service, all these characters comes from God not from human nature at all. The divine behavior of the believer makes his value too worthy exactly as Jehovah's – God's value – the creator. The believer – as his great value which he bears – is too humiliated in his preaching work among people.


We must know that life is a grace from God. A grace means that we don't have the right to own it. Our existence in the world at this human being and by all of these helpful things around us all is values that we never own. That because our fell human nature deserve the eternal destruction immediately, but the infinity God's mercy and His too much glorious reach to a level that He gives us all these graces, He offered life and also His begotten Son Jesus the Christ to do our eternal salvation. All these graces make the chance to reach faith by using them. Then we return to God and combine with Him again. All these graces indicated that God Has infinity humility because He interested in us although we are sinners. Also God increase His graces to His humble sons as Apostle Peter said to his younger: ... all of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. (1 Peter 5:5) from (Proverbs 3:43) and (James 5:6).


God sent His begotten Son Jesus the Christ to the world as a human being exactly as sinners. Then He deserves the eternal death. This was the top of the humility that appears in God's creation. God is to humiliate too die His only begotten Son on the cross to make our salvation For the payoff of sin is death,... (Romans 6:23). God's humility is a remarkable example for us – that with the huge difference between which we do for the sake of stretch the God's kingdom on Earth and which God has made when He created this world from nothing for us and made its salvation when it failed down – we can bear all pains for the glory of God's Word on Earth among the unbelievers to make them return to Him, then we increase the members in God's Earthy outshine kingdom, which God intend to establish to be an everlasting home for His believers soon.


Preaching service with nervous, proud or compulsion doesn't make unbelievers wish to hear the divine Word of God. We do the best of our effort quietly and facility. We became after faith without a human personality that we feel regret, and keep it vainglory among watching people. So, many of people are amazing from our forgiveness and humility against who wrongdoing to us, but these watching people – after their faith like us – will discover that humility is one of God's characters which working in us, and it's one of the principles of doing the 'great commission' that we do among people and which our Lord ask us to do. Also, we must learn who understand that our humility is a weak that he misunderstanding, and humility indicate the controlled power inside us.


We're passing this life with our sinned bodies that deserve death immediately excepting God's mercy. So, all matters became with no value because all that we have isn't result of our effort but these are God's grace and are from His directly caring for us. We had believed and became God's sons and beloved people again; we are 'In Him' forever in His great kingdom. This kingdom which we have partly seen interruptedly and makes us to fresh – in Soul – too make the great torture disappeared at once. And when our Lord comes again to the world to do his conviction upon the evils who don't believe after many of alarms – this return is forthcoming – we will see the whole divine kingdom and the whole victory over the fell world with the worst thing that it produced which is death.


 We serve with great humility and love all humanity which God Has glorified when He choice it to be upon His image in rightness and Holiness on Earth and in the whole materialist universe. That to make the perfection or God with His kingdom comes from heaven to Earth as we always pray: may your kingdom come (Luck 11:2).Amen.


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